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Fold-stick Starter Guide

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What's a Fold-Stick™?:

A USB (8Gb+) with a Linux Mint install, plug it into your unused laptop (also think broken screen laptops, just hook up a screen for the install afterwards it can be headless) boot from it and that's it!


  • 2 USBs: one for the image and one which will become 'the stick' (the last one should be 8Gb or more for easy riding).
  • 1 (or more) laptops (or desktop) 64bit capable.
  • A linux Mint.iso (link is the MATE edition)
  • An internet connection in some way.

Write the image (iso) to usb 1 and boot that one up on the Machine you want to use it one (important for wireless and other drivers), install Linux Mint ONTO stick 2 (aka the stick). make sure everything is set good, install third party stuff (a checkbox) and set it to log in without using a password (for easy riding). IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL THE BOOT MANAGER ONTO THE STICK AND NOT YOUR HD!!! Usually your install needs to be in the partition section of the install 'something else' and just take the USB as '/' and look underneath that to see where the MBR is getting installed, which again should be the stick for easy riding, and so you want that.

After the install reboot, update and reboot (on the reboots you must specify in your startup menu/Bios to boot from 'the Stick' ), then install the next (the fahviewer is optional, the controller (2nd one) is cool to have to check out stuff if you have a cool GPU). Set your name, team ID 236421 and optional passkey (it's a register thingie ).

And that's it, don't forget to check out the power manager so you can close the lid while folding (and make a place your cat will lie on). You CPU cores are folding!

Now with this setup you don't have to mes with (real) dualbooting and after the boot you don't have to touch anything because the daemon (unless you unchecked that during install) of Folding@home starts on startup.

Now for the GPU: install the OpenCL appropriate package regarding your driver, example: I have a Geforce GT 640 and had several options for Nvidia drivers, I went with the 340 one because that one has a opencl package. But this may be a hassle or not possible with your card. → the fahcontroller helps out with error messaging regarding your GPU in the Tab 'system info'.

If you do not have a team yet, consider joining Hackers Town's F@h team! The Team ID is 236421

If you need help with anything, you can contact folk in a few different ways:

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